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Hi there! I am a momma of 3 youngens, wife and owner of Silver Valley Ranch a wellness facility just outside of Airdrie Alberta, where we offer various different modalities and events that encourage ones own exploration, growth %amp; healing such as drum circles, art nights, nature based writing%amp; photography, dream catcher events,other workshops %amp; retreats.

I am one of the team members so Hi! Im Meagan, Through a holistic, deeply compassionate, experiential, integrative and highly-effective approach to wellness, self mastery and leadership development called Resilience Coaching, clients quickly access hidden core beliefs which shape their lives, relationships, and self-images.

Incorporating solution focused life coaching, horse medicine (equine guided self discovery) %amp; mindfulness centered somatic psychotherapy techniques either onsite (at Silver Valley Ranch) or over Skype/Phone. Resilience Coaching provides transformation for motivated women who suffer from being overwhelmed, anxious, under-confident %amp; Stuck in an unsatisfied place in their life.

I am an Inspiriter, someone who enlivens, instills %amp; encourages new found courage, belief %amp; purpose in the personal %amp; professional lives of women.I also run a program and community meetup group called Women Unbridled.

Silver Valley Ranch Website: www.silvervalleyranch.com
Meagan Saum Women Inspiriter %amp; Resilience Coach : www.MeaganSaum.com

Meagan Saum  
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20 minute free Connect & Coaching call with $30 off your first session.

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