KD and You Coaching Inc.

KD and You Coaching Inc.
Kimberley Dawn Thurn

'Using uncommon conversations to gain clarity and confidence to turn passion projects into meaningful businesses.'




Kimberley Dawn is a professionally trained and certified Small Business and Life Coach through The Coaches Training Institute.

She works with Trapped Professionals, Creative Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners to help them take positive action in their lives and businesses. Kimberley Dawn co-creates strategic and meaningful roadmaps to guide clients through the minefield of entrepreneurship.

Kimberley Dawn can help you feel like you matter. Because you do.
She can help you build something that matters. Because you can.

Kimberley Dawn Thurn  
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 Office:  403.870.3348 Member to Member Discount Offered

15% on all standard packages

 Email:  kim@kdandyou.com  
 Website:  kdandyou.com/